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Because Community Matters – Join mSummit and get Inspired!

21 Aug

I recently had the privilege of speaking with ReinventingM Network founder Meghan Simington about her vision for what is now proving to be one of the most rapidly expanding network for connecting women in the marketplace, this side of the country.

What I love about her goal for this platform is the connections, education, and access to support that will enable many working moms seeking to define themselves outside of the stereotypical mommy-sphere.

After-all we’re still human right?  Not baby making robots, and we want to create a name for ourselves without being referred to so & so’s caregiver, at least I know I do!

What’s exciting about this ever improving plug for us moms, is the fact that 2013 marks the third year that Meghan’s Full Day Summit takes place, and this season’s mixer & speaker lineup is proving to have already outdone its past successes.  I mean it’s going to be off the hook amazing!

With speakers such as Arlene Dickinson, ReinventingM Network founder Meghan Simington, CYBF Regional Director for BC Jill Earthy, NEXT Marketing Agency Founder Sandy Gerber, and local TV personality Tamara Taggart, the lineup proves to be jam packed with keynotes that will leave you inspired.

You’re likely wondering at this point why I’m selflessy flaunting this unique new platform that ladies like you and I NEED to plug in to.  Well, the truth is (there’s a prize involved…)… ahummm and well I love to write, I love to talk about ideas that I am passionate about, and words just come easily to me. I have a lot to say, and I don’t mind sharing it with the world, especially when it’s in support of helping women plug in to inspiration, education and solutions that will grow their business!


So here’s the fun part, bloggers like you and I have the opportunity to actually WIN a Full Day’s pass to this exciting and inspiring event!  That means one lucky gal is going to win the entire Kit and Caboodle, and trust me, it’s worth you taking the 2 minutes to do your duty and ENTER:

For event details be sure to also visit their interactive web page:


… The disease of Celebrity..

8 Mar

I ran across a fan page the other day and was frankly stunned at the amount of outcries for attention in desperation, “I love you”, “Follow me”, “Please love me”, “Send me money”, and other prostrating behaviors. Are we so lost?

I just DON’T get it… Instead of seeking truth, practicing self-love, temperance and developing our own unique gifts… we are searching for inspiration on how to better ourselves through these so called role-models. Why?

They’re just a human being, and NO DIFFERENT than we are. They have no amazing attributes that we do not possess within ourselves.


Why are we trying to canonize people for talents that involve no talents – it’s like congratulating someone who’s given birth to eight children. Make sense?

We have completely lost track of what’s important….

So my question is this, where does this leave hope for our own children? How do we teach them to be individuals? How do we help them to see their own personal value? How do we teach them about individuality, self-esteem, loyalty, love, grace, faith, respect, and just how freaking much God loves them as they are!?

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