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A Great Weekend

1 May

I’m Back!  I thought it was about time to write a post, especially when making mentions of a fun filled trip to Whistler and a wonderful baby shower I attended over the weekend. 

On Saturday I attended EveryWOMAN – thanks to my girlfriend Patt with CNONtv.  It’s a weekend conference held once a year in Whistler, “inviting women (all ages, shapes, sizes) to share in the experience of learning new activities and skills by participating in back-to-back mind and movement workshops.”  The EveryWOMAN Mandate: “By participating in mind and active movement workshops in a healthy and comfortable environment, women will be inspired to pursue their dreams.”  I’d have to agree.  The conference was a wonderful mix of different physical activities, dance, empowerment workshops, and all sorts of local vendors who showcased some unique products. 

One of the highlights of my day was definitely the exercise classes and the UGI; an incredible little creation “that combines strength, cardio and core training into the most fun, challenging, stylish way of becoming functionally fit.”  It’s a mix between a large squishy medicine ball, bean bag and stability ball.  Not only did I experience my body adjusting to movements that I had never done before (like all those tiny little muscles you never use), but my core constantly felt worked.  With over 140 different exercises available, and 4 different weights, this is a total must for all those WAHMs & SAHMs that can’t quite fit a workout into their day… My overall review, excellent!

Of course I can’t forget the drive up to Whistler itself.  I’ve taken the sea-to-sky many times before and constantly feel the same way every time – “WOW”.  You’re surrounded by nature, the soaring mountains, the winding road, the valley & river below.  It’s a witness and testament of God’s love, and its meant to be enjoyed and savored.  Yes, it was just that good… especially driving it alone! 

On Sunday (probably my most favorite part of this weekend), I attended the baby shower of my girlfriend Amber, to celebrate the birth of her little girl Baylee.  I need to first explain to you in great detail just how amazing the venue is!  It was held in this gorgeous Heritage Marr House, now converted into a Salon Cafe and Parisian Wonderland called The Little White House, located in Fort Langley, BC.  Honestly, this is probably one of my most favorite places in all of Langley.  As soon as you walk in the door you’re surrounded by myriads of Vintage accessories, Antique furnishings, and Haute Couture reminiscent to the days of Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot and Jackie O.  This upscale boutique is a suburban gem with rooms inspired by a fairytale boudoir – think of your wildest feminine fantasy….. trust me, it’s a treasure!   

We were seated in the back room of the Salon Cafe overlooking what I like to call “the Secret Garden”… it was beautiful!!  Mirrors adorn tabletops, vintage frames and dainty lamps fill different corners, lace inspired wallpaper and coverlets beautified the space and a display of their miniature macaroons, tarts and cupcakes give everyone who walks in an idea of what to expect from the menu.  The dainty experience was exactly what I was looking forward to!

Amber’s cousin and best friend had invited her closest and bestest to celebrate.  It was absolutely delightful!  Our tables were set with a customary french country & afternoon tea menu style service;  a gorgeous three-tiered tray sat dead center filled with petite sandwiches, sweet dainties, pastries, fancies, along with fresh raspberry preserves, and Devonshire cream – delish!!   Tea amongst talk, laughter, and the great company was the loveliest celebration of the new little life.  A wonderful end to a fulfilling weekend!

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