The truth about Birth Control

12 Jun

There is nothing funny about getting your period at 12 and having to suffer through un-imaginable pain for 7 – 10 days out of the month.

I remember this well.

Mom suffered with me too, as she had been a young girl with debilitating pains that left her hospitalized on a few occasions.  After several trips to the gynecologist, she decided that the best course of action for me was Birth Control. At the time, I was agreeable to just about any method for pain relief, and it was explained that the medication would help regulate my cycles and alleviate discomfort.

How could a girl refuse?

birthcontrolLittle did I realize that the reason for which I suffer today is due to our decision to put me on the pill.  Oh yes, that magical pink tablet which seemed to temporarily make life easier for an already awkward teenager has actually made my life a bit of a hell as an adult.

Today, I stand the risk of developing breast cancer at an alarming rate due to its compromising of my immune system and altering my body’s natural hormone levels.  The extremely high levels of estrogen have also made me more prone to weight gain, migraines, menstrual disturbance, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, depression, memory loss, miscarriage, facial hair, and a low sex drive.  All of which I suffer with monthly, and on an ongoing basis.

I know, it sounds like menopause doesn’t it… but at 27?
No, that doesn’t make much sense. It still doesn’t.

After speaking with numerous health professionals in a variety of fields, its been concluded that this manipulation of female hormones is creating havoc within our bodies. Many may not see the first hand effects until later in life, but it seems to strike with a vengeance.

Reports have even highlighted handfuls of deaths at the hand of this apparently harmless little pink pill as reported by CBC this week:

As I relay this to you, please keep in mind that much of the information above is an account of my own experience, and that all bodies are created differently.  I understand that many people want to lead sexually active lives and do not want to compromise this convenience, or may suffer from similar problems as I did, and require relief.  But, what we should be doing is educating ourselves a little more before exposing ourselves to these harmful therapies.  We need to seek safer alternatives – and they are out there…

Education today is a powerful means to change the course of our medical system, and can be made a powerful tool to empower women & men, in helping them to make more appropriate decisions where it applies to their sexuality, without compromising health and mortality.

Obviously engaging in sexual activity wasn’t my issue, but today, I have Tylenol, a hot water bottle, and lots of rest at my disposal.  I also avoid foods that will aggravate my cycle, and take nutritional supplements such as Vitamin A, Magnesium and Omega 6 – all of which are depleted from our every day diet, and should be consumed on a daily basis.

For me, I’m doing my part to research alternatives that will bring about relief without dire consequences. And I want to educate other women and share my own experiences with them before they make a hasty decision.

And truth be told…. 

We only have one body.  If you’re like me, you likely want yours to last you a lifetime. 

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