How’s your Family/Community looking these days?!

16 Mar

Here’s the truth and my insights for today.  I feel plagued and bothered by what I am seeing in today’s world.  We are living in a time where corporations are pushing for the breakdown in society as a means to control and sabotage any hope we have for success or freedom from economy.  As long as we are tied into the “Live to Work” principle, we will never be able to enjoy our lives.  We will instead sacrifice our time, values, energy, and families in order to make ends meet, or to finally afford that shiny new car/house.

Back in the day, community was the producer of much of its health, problem solving, education, talent, food and housing. It was a productive place.  “We are discovering that even today it takes a village to do more than raise a child. It is the key to a satisfying life. It turns out we need our neighbors and a community to be healthy, produce jobs, protect the land, and care for the elderly and those on the margin.” – Abundant Community

“Now, communities are made up of consumers who believe that health is in a hospital, problems are the domain of lawyers and therapists, education is produced by schools, enjoyment is produced by electronic media, food is provided by supermarkets and a home is built by professionals. 

We need to get back to the basics and start rebuilding what was once a strong and health family / community dynamic.  Divorce doesn’t happen because of interpersonal problems and disagreements. It’s not that people are not getting along; it is that they don’t need each other because they have no functions to perform. They are just isolated, unproductive, dependent consumers who happen to live in the same house.” – Huffington Post

So, question is:  If we want to create a more powerful community and family structure, what information do we need?  I am up to listening to all opinions, or thoughts on this subject – as someone who believes that family IS and will ALWAYS be the most powerful institution on planet earth, I will continue to support all ideas based on supporting it!

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